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Music in our Schools

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Music in our Schools

Please click below to read up on the importance of giving our children the proper credit for participation in the Marching Band.

Arts and Education NHS Credit Reinstated

Even Congress Approves of Music in the Schools

Did you know that on April 5, 2006 the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), resolved that Music Education is an important component of a well-rounded academic curriculum and should be available to every student in every school?


In H.CON.RES.355 they have stated that:


School music programs enhance intellectual development and enrich the academic environment for students of all ages;


Students who participate in school music programs are less likely to be involved with drugs, gangs, or alcohol and have better attendance in school;


The ARTS are a core academic subject, and music is an essential element of the arts;


Every student in the United States should have an opportunity to reap the benefits of music education;


The above are just a few of the items stated in the Concurrent Resolution.  The full Resolution(s) are listed below in PDF format.  There are 3 versions of the HCON RES 355 – (HCON 355 RFS, HCON 355 EH, HCON 355 IH).


The information was gathered from The Library of Congress – THOMAS

The Library of Congress - THOMAS website

H CON 355 IH


H CON 355 EH