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We Need Your Help!
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The Naugatuck High School Band Parent Association needs your help.  There are many different areas that we could use your help in.  You don't have to volunteer for everything or all the time we know your time is valuable as is ours - we will gladly take your help whenever you can give it.

Brief Descriptions of Jobs:

Band Camp                Band Camp parents help out in a variety of ways. Their jobs include, but are not limited to serving snacks, minor medical treatments, uniform fittings, supervising lunch hour, making copies, etc.

Flag Sewing                No sewing experience is required! We need people to cut and pin fabric in addition to needing people with sewing experience.

Pit Crew                      Adults are needed to “love” and move the pit equipment to and from the fields during rehearsals and competitions. You must actively participate at rehearsals in order to help out at the competitions.

Chaperone                  We need a few parents to accompany the students to the competitions. This is a highly sought after job and the band director has the final say on which parents chaperone each event.

Spectator Group           Our spectators are the best! It is so much more fun and exciting to go to the competitions in a group and sit together and show the band your ‘love’. Please let us know if you are interested in joining us and meeting new people.

Hot Chocolate              Parents prepare and serve delicious hot chocolate and snacks to the slightly frost bitten marchers on cold rehearsal nights. DONATE SNACKS/BAKED GOODS.

Website                       The marching band website needs a few tech oriented people who ‘love’ web design to manage the website, post new info, photos, etc.

Newsletter                   A newsletter is printed every 4-6 weeks. An adult is needed to compile the information and put it in a newsletter format.

Award Comm.               In the spring, seniors who plan to continue their education are eligible to write essays in order to win one of the three senior awards provided through the Band Parents’ Assoc. Adults are needed to read and score the essays. 

Nominating Comm.         In the spring, the executive board needs to recruit new members for the upcoming year.

Mem. Day Parades        Parents are needed to accompany the students along the parade route and provide them with lots and lots of water.

Executive Board           The executive board consists of 11 parents. Currently we have 6 lonely parents who would “love” some new friends.

Butter Braid/Pies         Fundraiser for the students to earn money for their individual accounts.  Help collect orders, tally, and check for accuracy, along with help distributing.

Vendor Fair                 Vendors come to the high school. A volunteer is needed to help locate and commit vendors for that day, set up and clean up from the event.

Ink Cartridges             Office Max allows us to drop off 10 ink cartridges each week in order to earn money from their recycling program. Adults are needed each week for this purpose.

Thunder in the Valley   Thunder in the Valley is our biggest fundraiser. Help is needed in all aspects of this event from putting the ad book together, organizing the day, shopping for food, picking up flowers, etc. The list is too long to include here. Everyone’s help is expected the day of the competition. Let us know if you are interested in helping out in the preparation.

Thanksgiving Day         The Naugatuck vs. Ansonia game is a tradition. This year, the band is running the concession stand. All hands on deck!

Antique Show               Phone calls to the advertisers are needed to place the ads in local newspapers and magazines, to help make our annual antique show a success. You need to be available to make these phone calls during business hours. 

                                    The weekend of the antique show, people are needed to prepare the gym floors with tarps, organize the concession area, etc.

Color of Thunder         For our inside percussion and color guard show, people are needed that Friday evening and Saturday to get the entire school ready. Signs need to be posted, the gyms need special flooring, concessions needs to be organized, etc. Everyone’s help is expected the day of Color of Thunder whether your child participates in winter color guard/percussion.  The profit supports the marching program as well.

Extra                          There are so many other things that the band parents do. If you would like to get involved and want to help out with the “extras”, we’ll give you a call when we need something extra done.


For more information please contact:

Pam Anderson-