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Naugatuck High School Marching Band

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Welcome to our web site!

We hope that the information here will be of interest to those of you who visit, and helpful to those of us (parents and families) who struggle to keep up with the active lives of our talented children/siblings/relatives . . .
Our site is still under construction - thank you for your patience.

We hope that by having the information here on our website - it will be a little easier to keep track of the busy schedule.  Whether it is for practice, competitions, Band Parent Meetings, etc.

The best gift we can offer our children is our support and encouragement.
Show your pride in the hard work and accomplishments of your child
and all the young people who participate in this healthy activity,
by being present at the many activities that support the Naugy Marching Band and by joining the cheering section at practices, concerts and competitions.

Thanks for visiting.

Please send any questions, corrections, comments or suggestions to Joanne
Site last updated: May 22, 2005



NHS Marching Band Parent Association * 543 Rubber Ave * Naugatuck * CT * 06770