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We Need Your Help!

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We Need Your Help!
Music in our Schools
The Naugatuck High School Band Parent Association needs your help.  There are many different areas that we could use your help in.   We have listed a few of them below.  You don't have to volunteer each time if you don't want to - we will take your help whenever we can.
PIT - Pit needs help before and after practices moving the equipment out of the music room to the practice area and then back.  Help is also needed for competitions, loading and unloading the truck and pulling the equipment on the field for the students.
SCENERY - Help will be needed before and after practices moving the scenery to the practice area and then back.  It is also needed for competitions.  Depending on the show will depend on how much help is needed and how much scenery there will be.
FLAGS - We will be making flags for the color guard.  This is generally done during the practices on Tuesday & Thursday evenings, and some Saturdays when there is practice.
PLUMES/CHAPERONE - A few parents are needed to ride the buses with the students to and from the competitions.  They will also Plume the students before competition.
CONCESSIONS - We can always use your help in concessions.  During the year there are several events such as:  Football Games, Thanksgiving Day Game, Thunder in The Valley, Color of Thunder, The Antique Show
There are many more things that you can do to help.  When the weather gets colder, we make hot chocolate for the kids during practice.

For more information please contact:

Sandy Lee

NHS Marching Band Parent Association * 543 Rubber Ave * Naugatuck * CT * 06770